Refund Policy

At SendGiftPakistan we treat each order with extra care and make it certain tat every order fulfilled with top notch standards. But there is still chance for a human error, so there is a clear refund and replacement policy followed at SendGiftPakistan:


Following are the conditions in which replacement will be followed:

1. Product not receives in good condition or not as per the description on our web site. The customer should need to inform us within 24 hours of receipt of the order.

2. In case of Perishable Products not received in good condition customer should inform us within 10 hours of receipt of order.


Full Refund:

Following are the conditions in which Full Refund will be granted:

1. The order not delivers on the prescribed date of delivery. 2. Approved cancelled orders but customer should inform cancellation before the 24 hours of the delivery date of the order.

Partial Refund:

Following is the condition in which Partial Refund will be granted:

1. Some item not delivered when a combo is ordered. The amount of missing item will be refunded.