Ramadan Gifts

Ramadan is the most religious and holy month in Islam. People practice the fasting whole month and hence it is the called the fasting month. The people take an early meal called Sehri before Fajar prayer and fast till the evening or till Magrib prayer. They break there fast at the time of Magrib prayer. A meal called Iftar is arranged for that purpose. Several traditional food prepared for the Iftari. The main ingredients of Iftar are Samosa, pakora, fruit chaat, dahi baray, shoolay, chana chaat, dates and the cold drinks. SendGiftPakistan.com offered services to all those living abroad and likes to send Ramadan gifts to Pakistan to their love ones. We can arrange online Ramadan gifts delivery to Pakistan to all over Pakistan and surprise your relatives and friends. You can order iftari meals, ramazan gift pack, and any food meals from the famous restaurant in specific city. So do not wait and send Ramadan gifts to Pakistan. You can also send the fruit basket and Mix mithai tokra as ramadan gift. The buffet dinner voucher is also a good option. Iftari delas from the Bandu khan or the Biryani deal from Student biryani are the perfect choice. KFC and pizza delivery option is also there to amaze your wife and children in Pakistan. We also offer a gift box specially designed for office colleges, includes prayer rug, prayer beads, dates, and topi.

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